I’m in our cottage. Finally having some down time.
I don’t know how you do it. Live in a house in the countryside and still be able to dress properly and brush your teeth every morning? I look, smell and feel like a skunk. Anyways Saturday night I worked. Finished the last jobs with a deadline before the holidays. I put on some great music, ate cake leftovers from Beppes B-day and found this around the house.

Carlos has found his spot. I loooove Carlos. Jens and Jenny must think I am nuts cause I’m so crazy about him. But this Carl beats all the others. Thank you!

I came up here a couple of days before the family. Me and my dad built and fixed things. It was great. Finishing stuff. This old plate rack found a place in the kids room.

I finally finished the photo wall in the bathroom. First time in my life I made a wall like this. Seems strange considering what I do for a living.

This old cardboard house we bought in Barcelona 5 years ago, it’s been totally abused but is still standing. Maybe tomorrow would be a good day to paint it a bit more?

Della chose a danish tree. And at night time it looks great but I can tell you during the day you see all hundreds of crazy kitsch things in it. The kids love it and then it’s ok for me.
(Ok but a bit hard for my design-wanting-heart).

And I am working on answering your questions!