As you all know the scholarship for female craftsman were distributed last week. And the great blogger and artisan Sara May Kahl was the winner. (Great choice by the way!)
I was asked to create the diploma. (Yes, I have a very nice job!)

And here is the story behind creating it, I was inspired by the great poster by Antony Burrill. You know that one with the typo: Work hard and be nice to people, that is a good quote and also so true. And something else that´s also true is that Sara May Kahl works really hard and she is really good at it. So thats how the quote came to.

After that, I started to sketch, always by hand. Then I use my iPhone to get the typo inside my computer!
Then fix some small details. Done!

In the beginning the diploma had no background pattern, but Sara is a very inspiring person, so I took some inspiration from here house.

And created a pattern for the diploma.

And that´s the whole story, the end!

/ Åsa