I like Finnish blogs.
Mostly I read Varpunen and Weekday Carnival.
They both show nice, white, very clean stylish home environment. Maybe this is the attraction for me.
It’s funny how you relate to other bloggers without knowing them, a little like with celebrities. They are like long lost friends.
When I was jamming this wardrobe full I was thinking about this Varpunen post. Mumbling to my self over Varpunen,
I mean i like the blog but this made me kind of sick. Nauseous like watching Julia Roberts opening the kitchen cabinets in Sleeping With the Enemy, sick of my own disorganized home and kind of jealous of someone so in control over the chaos in life ( I know I read a lot into this but just let me- ok).

Then today Weekday Carnival showed her messy home and it felt good. I totally recognize myself in her saying ” This is reality. I just happen to be person who likes nice things, but truth is, that sometimes I just can´t do everything. ”

I totally believe in having a nice looking, cool home but still make use of  it. A home is not a museum and life is too short to be cleaning all the time.

You can show your messy photos of your home at her blog.