I´m working at home today, with a lot off stuff that we are going to use on a fun photoshoot on friday, it´s a creative chaos al over my apartment, I like it. But the bad thing is that it´s also creative fever here, literally speeking. I´m sick, and I´m so sick about it! But it doesn´t stop me. Here are som pictures from today!

My desktop today normally my dining table!

The supply room! (or really my bedroom)

This is where I normally watch TV, today it´s where I had my lunch, and where I keep all the stuff that I´m working on!

The tools of the day, best ever! One what we in Sweden call: hålslagare (can´t remember the name in english, some one?) And one sissor, It usually belonged to my grannie, but now it´s mine, and it´s one of my dearest things!