It has been a strange year. I can’t let this go.
All these kids and families in southern Somalia- Africas Horn.
“The lives of more than a million children are at immediate risk”. I complain about the little things in life and all I want to do is tell my self to shut up.
I think about my kids – what if this were them? Us?
I try to think about it and then my normal life takes over. I give a little and then some more but we can do more together!

Let us try what other bloggers has started.

If we all, who reads this blog get together and donate about 50 kronor each (about € 5 or $ 7 or about a coffee and a doughnut) or whatever you are able to, we can raise a lot of money!
Donate right now and then you comment how much you donated and we will count together how much it is at the end!

Are you with us?


Röda korset: Sms:a AKUT TORKA till 72900 kronor för att skänka 100 kronor.
Rädda Barnen eller Sms: skicka 10KATASTROF (10 kr) eller KATASTROF (50 kr) eller BARN (200 kr) till 72950.
Plan Sverige Sms:a KATASTROF till 72910
Unicef: Sms:a Liv till 72900 och du skänker 50 kronor

For international  donations – choose your country when you enter Unicef:

If you are in the US you can also call 1.800.486.4233