Lets take a look from my last weeks of holiday.

No, I don’t really have time to read but get a couple of pages before falling a sleep with my book in hand.
Right now my sleeping-in pill is  Keith Richards book. Never really been a Stones fan but what a crazy life and an even more bananas influence on popular culture.

And I am enjoying my new Iphone cassette tape cover!

This is how happy a  fresh faced just turned 35 year old look like when she gets cake for breakfast in bed.

Otherwise, nowdays, I always eat porridge with berries, milk and preferably 2 eggs for breakfast.
We found a spot in the woods with wild strawberries  and raspberries. We went nuts. The whole family had a medieval feast -there in the woods. And later on the table!

“Mum – is this Lady Gaga as a child?”

A scary prank. As seen on the TV show “Buskul” but there they put a plastic snake inside the lid.
The scariest thing was when all the body parts fell in the toilet and I had to go fishing…

They could scare me all they wanted- I am still the master of water balloon fighting.

Our friends mum has the most beautiful garden. (remember this?)
Made me think about quitting my day job and become a hippie gardener.

Then Della turned 5 and we had even more cake in bed and baloons.

This has been the shorts of the summer. From American Apparel.
I went there the other day when I got back to the city. An old styleless lady picked them up, she was also wearing a similar necklace like I was wearing.  Happens to me all the time.
Lately I also have been taking up liking figurines. An old styless hag- thats me.