Maybe I have showed you this before but I am in a kitchen mood so lets look at it again.
This is my kitchen at home in stockholm. It still looks like this just a lot more messy.

I am most pleased with my tiles.
I had the opportunity to look around Kakel Kompaniets old storage for odd bits and pieces. First I lay the puzzle on my floor before me. After that me and my father tiled it to the wall.
Love the impact it has on the whole room- something special but still it doesn’t take over the overall image. Important in an open space like this.

I wish the Kitchen Aid was mine. It’s not. Don’t believe everything you see – folks.
The wallpaper is actually wrapping paper from Hanna Werning – I did only the selves you see in this photo when we took the shots. I just attached them with pieces of scotch that I rolled. It’s still there – as perfect as ever! Unbelievable since I thought it would last 15 minutes!

The stove and cabinets are from Ikea- I just painted them in another color.
The cabinets – that is.

The kitchen top is made of tinted concrete. Tinted black it looks like Granite. I was so impressed by the guys who carried this one all the 5 flight up to our apartment. 600 kg.

The knobs are what you used to hang electricity wires on – back in the days.

Once a year my home maybe looks like this. When the kids are far away and I lend my apartment to some friends…
But imagine this and then throw in toys, old cookies, dust, some smelly socks and other nasty things
– then it looks like where I am sitting right now!

All images by Martin Cederblad