I had this really really long To Do list for our summer house but almost all I ended up doing was this kitchen top. And I’m so happy with it.
It’s a technique originally from Maroc. A form of clay that with the right finish, or the one I used looks like concrete.
It’s called Béton Ciré/Tadelac and I found it here at Decomaterial.

We’ve been having this temporary kitchen for over 9 months so I just had to finish it.
I’m not sure about the white fabric and the cabinets are going to be turquoise, like the chair below.
All white is not my thing. Beautiful but not me.

The surface is really hard. And easy. I like the feel to it.

I started out with a 300mm MDF and I cut out the parts I didn’t need and fitted the stove and such.
Then the white is a primer.

After the primer I did two coatings with the clay/filler. It was a bit hard getting the right texture. But compare with making a form and have enough space to make it in concrete – I’m really satisfied.
Also the weight. Our concrete top at home weights about 600kg – this one is pretty much the same size but about 70kg.

At the end you coat it with Osmo Hard wax oil. Then it all got darker. I wanted it dark so it was no problem. You can choose the tint you like.
I think I will use it on my concrete kitchen top here in the city as well.