As you know we went on a trip to Dalarna. After the fairly long ride from Skåne we happily pulled into the McAllister driveway. Erik greeted us by the gate. Everything was as it was supposed to be: Beppe in his striped sweater, Isabelle in her rubber boots and Della and Viola approached eachother talking about things they were going to do together this week. The none-coffee-drinking family had even bought a coffee maker so we would feel at home.

It was such a nice week. We spent most of it in our PJ´s  , the two families sure like their pyjamases.

Frank looked at things.

Della balanced things.

We photographed everything, almost.

Isabelle, the Daredevil considered going on this ride, but didn´t. I guess she wanted to “Marinate it” first, and then forgot about it.

Beppe and Viola ran around the Leksand Sommarland.

The kids found an obstacle course that made Isabelle and I say “Just like Silence of the lambs” simultaneously.
And as Viola and Della ran through it they repeatedly said “This is not a competion” almost simultaneously.

Back at the cabin Frank took long naps outside.

And went walking up and down the gravel roads.

Erik and Jens went hiking.

Isabelle and I photographed during the day..

And crafted at night, Well actually Isabelle did the crafting.

And I looked rad in my new red sunglasses.

It was a great Midsummer week and we would gladly return.