lost as in time and space.
Hurray for summer vacation!

Della learned how to bike

And she is starting to look as a Californian surfer

Me – I look like this.
Working out has finally showed some results.
But honestly – how is it possible to loose so much stamina, strenght and pace in a couple of weeks?
I will not outrun the bears in the wood – that’s for sure.

I never wanted this book to end.
At the end I was reading as slow as possible just to make it last longer.
Tina Fey –  I love you.
Coolest of cool. And smart on top.

Bossypants and Patti Smith’s Just Kids has made my book year so far.

Cool Beppe is taking a dump in grandmothers bed
My take on learning my daughter how to read.
A new crazy sentence a day on the fridge does the trick.

We painted the doors to the barn black.
Loving the Falu Svart- The classic red in black. Hmm. when you paint it it’s dark brown redish and then it turns the perfect shade of black.

So far it’s been good weather but not really great.
But I guess it depends on who you ask.

Just perfect