My partner Jens and I have many projects together like our family, our house and our business. We also have Sammy Rose. Since we both make pictures, me being a photographer and Jens an illustrator , we wanted our own place for us to sell them. So we started a shop that delivers worldwide, called Sammy Rose after my niece Samantha Rose from Nebraska.
Mostly the shop is about Jens creation Carl, (being almost like a family member we call him our third child). You might have seen him, the little man who comes in different shapes, on a wall perhaps in one of our visits.

But now that we are are a proud partner of Dos Family (you´ll find us under Dos Shop) I wanted to put some of my Dos Family photographs into production.
First runner up is my picture of Viola from my Halloween-shoot, called “Girl and Badger

Carl the Teen Wolf

Carl The Sailor

Carl the Show Must Go On

Have Faith in Carl and Good Morning Carl