While I got a tractor ride from Emil, 10. My husband send me this mms from home. Apparently they missed me so much they went comatose.

End of last week I finished the first part of  this seasons recordings of Fixa Rummet. When we start again after the summer we will be in Stockholm. Less travel for me- yaay!

The bicycle shed we made looks awesome at night!

I flew home from Kastrup i Denmark and my jittery almost summer feelings made me empty all the airport shops. All shopping bags + a sewing machine and a skate boarding helmet kind of made me get funny looks from my fellow travellers.

One evening I went to a great dinner at the makers of the boys. I fell in love with this flea find.
Next time I need some DIY theraphy I’ll try to make one of these.

Another evening I went to Roxy with Rebecka. Great way to pot your plants- n’est -ce pas?

I tried on my wedding dress for a photo shoot but ended up wering a Greta instead.
This project is gonna be so fabulouso!
(and yes, like a american anchor man I wore not so dressed up stockings and sneaks since the photo was only half my body).

I am like Yoda now. A true yedi master in the art of packing a Volvo to “almost pop but it will not”.
I love packing cars- it’s like a live game of tetris.

My young deciple is following mums lead in the art of painting on strange things.
About horses though he has nothing to learn from me.

Lots of kisses from a  freakin cold Sweden.
Summer oh summer please do come back!