Say Hello to Irma!

Kicki, over at Havtorn Design , has bought and decorated a playhouse for her kids this summer.  When I heard about it I just had to go over there and take some pictures.

Click the images for larger versions with text.

They bought the playhouse at and repainted it.

Oh my! isn´t that Erik Saade

and King Kong!

There are only a few items in here that are bought new, like this deer, from Tiger.

Almost everything else is from flee markets

A place for crafting

Paws up!

Kicki laminated pictures from story books and hung on the walls

The clothespins are decorated with pretty papper and hung on a string

They painted the inside white and bought a vinyl wall-to-wall carpet.

Curtains from vintage fabrics and perler beads for backsplash

The solar powered globe is brought inside the playhouse at night for a cozy light
All photos by me, Jenny Brandt.
Styling by Kicki Wieslander

Note: There will be more post from Kicki´s home this month as she and her partner Emme from Havtorn Design are this months Buddy. I will tell you more tomorrow! Thanks girls for letting us tag along. Photos by me, Jenny Brandt.
In the Dos Buddy-project I spend time with friends documenting fun ideas and projects from their life.