Every two weeks I am in south of Sweden, without my family taping the show.
I miss like crazy but also sometimes think I am going nuts. I Skype to my family wondering are they real?
I chat with people I don’t know on my twitter and then after I go jogging I get emails from my Runkeeper app with cheering that I am doing well.
All the internet activity is messing with my head.
Is this real or am I in a sort of a Truman Show?

I jogged in the beautiful Slottsparken in Malmlö. Love the playground over there.
A ready made – the tape coming off the painted wall – wanted to keep it as art.

Love it when the kids are happily doing their stuff without me having to entertain. Such bliss.

But also fun when they put on a show.
Just wondering when will that princess period stop?

Well, I  think she is going into a kind of lady Gaga, MJ period. I couldn’t resist buying her this outfit.
She went nuts.

In Malmö I met up whit Jenny. Sad to be without my family but SOO Happy spending time with her.
We are thinking a lot about Dosfamily.
What do you think about us?
What do you want more of, less of?

Beppe a.k.a Fester/Pugsley Addams is cheking out his granddads boat which went in to the water first time this year. Everything is for a first nowdays in spring and I love it.

I got my own “Ej tjuvar” drawing when I ended this weeks show. They also made a chocolate rat that flew home with me!

We made so much fun stuff in this Fixa Rummet. I want to show it all to you now. But I can’t.
Hmm. Maybe soon – ok?