I have one major rule. Never go to the hairdressers without putting on loads of make up.
The image of a soaked cat mixed with a pale Gollum is mostly what I see staring back to me in the hairdressers mirror. Make Up gives me at least some dignity back.
But of Course I forgot.

Both Jenny and me have each our own private blogs where we are, yeah maybe a bit more private.
But nowdays our focus is on DosFamily.
Then we have been thinking about that what we like most about other blogs
it must be just the right  mixture of design, humour and some peeking into someone elses life.
Or a personal touch, if you want.
Whats personal and whats private? I have no idea.
But let us just add it to Dos!

Della wanted sparkling nails. We just painted them and then I poured some glitter on top.
Worked just fine. I think I will do it as well.

I started up production for 12 new episodes of Fixa Rummet.
So I have to be in Malmö/south of Sweden alot. Without the family. It hurts.
I am a bit afraid of flying so I always tuck some photo’s of the family in my bra.
Next to my heart. I feels a lot safer then.

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Friday I’m in love.
We took the day off. Ate strawberries all morning, bought a new bike & some golden shoes for little miss. I hade the best day in a long time.

I am trying to decide which carpet to choose for our cottages living room. It’s going to be a wall to wall carpet since the floor is very draughty. I like the crazienes of the wood carpet (the one on the bottom) but the lila/blue in the middle on the right is more of a  classic beauty. I guess the fun part of having a cottage is to try out new stuff and be a bit balder in my choice. The colors in these photos are a bit off.
Which would you choose?

Some inspiration from the past week.
Japaneese beer from our work kick off. And a hiding place under Stockholm.

I want to build something with cones. And he is wearing my old jeans from the 70′.

Met some cool dudes this week as well.
Next season of Fixa rummet we are doing an episode where a girl wants to live in space.
ET lives there already – thats a good start!

Beppe my son, just started school.
Look what a great place.
I know it’s good for him but it still stings my heart a bit.
My little guy, in school. oooh.

Well actually Beppe is pretty big. Maybe not big as Tyson but still he is big kid.
We call him our little Fläskhaj (porkshark – sounds much better in Swedish).
Check out the Albert Watson exhibition at Fotografiska. Fantastico.

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