Well this is fun. I would love to see more bag content around the world. So if you´d like to join just email me a photo of all your stuff. jenny(@)dosfamilydotcom

Here are the bags I have gotten pictures of so far…

This bag belongs to Anki , The Netherlands, with the blog Zilverblauw. This is her own words about it:

“I’ve just bought myself a new bag, so my bag’s not so messed up as usual. Buying a new bag wasn’t something I did for fun this time, I couldn’t use my old bag anymore because the cat urinated inside of it, grrrrr. Luckily I could save my wallet and the small owl-purse. I’m addicted to lip balm so I carry around 4 (!) pieces. The yellow-white ribbon is from a recent craft-project i’m working on, I’m still looking for some fabric with matching colors. Don’t know when or where I’m gonna find it, so until I find the perfect fabric the ribbon will be in my bag. The rest is pretty clear I guess.”

This “Näver” bag belongs to Anna Natanaelsson in Sweden.

This bag belongs to Anna, from the Netherlands, with the blog Today Illustrated. And this is what she says about it…

“Here is my bag content! I carry all of this with me all the time (most of the time even to the grocery store around the corner) cause you never know what might happen. Add some underwear and a toothbrush and I am ready to travel around the world :) Looking forward to other bags!”

This bag belongs to Jutta, from Finland, with the blog Kootut Murut and this is what she says about it….

“Here’s what I carry around in my bag (some of which I didn’t even know about)
Coins, key chain, broken bracelet, pencils, Micron pens, keys with Ugly Doll, dried dog treats (knackkorv), stamps illustrated by Pietari Posti, lipstick and lip gloss, my phone.
Wallet by Poketo, chewing gum, USB stick, eye drops, mints, tissue paper and a powder I never use. And a shocking amount of dog hair.
It’s been on my to-do list for ages to clean my bag, and now I did it! So thank you :)”

And Isabelle´s. Read more about it here!

It all started with me own bag. Read more about it here if you like.