Bag or maybe I should call it a dumpster? This is a good battle – I now have a clean bag – thanks!
There is a lipstick, my red wallet, a foot rule , an ice cream pen, an uneven sock and a bootie,
The thing on the left is a Subway pass.
And of course we can’t forget the sheriff badge!
Cause I have to remind my self who’s in charge at home (can sometimes be difficult).

I also started eating better (with the help of swedish newspaper DN) so now I also have a boild egg with me as a snack and also made special healthy cupcakes (with eggs, dried fruits and nuts) good for one afternoon snack – find the recipe here. Eating 5-6 times a day is important!
My keyhangers- one of Ronaldinho from when he was in barcelone and the other is from my team AIK (the rodents).
The flowery thing is a new headband from H&M, really smartcause they put wire inside so it stays put.

My flowery make up bag with a bird bracelet, some patches and rivets inside cause I don’t wear lots of make up
The screwdriver is the most perfect one – small enough for smaller parts, electricity and checked screws but big enough to open paint cans and stuff! (Size 0,8x4x100)

I bought my bag in Tokyo 5 years ago. It used to be bright 50’s green but it kind of faded.
Its still love…