I got this letter from a reader, and thought it was such a fun idea that I really wanted to help her out.

In short: she and her family want to swap houses with a Swedish family for about 3 weeks this summer, and they are offering their own in Singapore for The Swedish family to vacation in.


We’re a family of Australians living in Singapore. We’re embarking on a trip to Sweden this summer, and had an idea. Perhaps instead of booking a hotel, we might find a Swedish family who want to visit the tropics while we visit their place – a house swap is what we had in mind! I am wondering if you might know any Swedes who would be interested, either amongst your friends or through the web site?

Here is some info and photos of us and our home.”


“We are Karen and Richard, and our kids are Finn (2yo) and Anika (4mo).


We live in a “black and white” house in Singapore, which refers to colonial-style bungalows built in the first half of the 20thC.

We have a large back yard and a swimming pool, and since there are kids in the house, there are loads of toys, plus cots, high chairs and other kid-friendly stuff.


One of the biggest advantages of borrowing our house would be that we have a lovely live-in maid and nanny, Jean, who will be at the service of our houseguests (provided she is treated with respect, of course). Here’s Jean with Finn and some wild chickens that sometimes roam through our yard:

We love our little home, and think it would make a great pad for a family holiday. It’s just west of the city, near Alexandra Rd, if you want to look it up on Google Maps. You can make quick trips to the Singapore Zoo, Sentosa and other such

There are three bedrooms currently set up with beds, but there are an additional two rooms that could be set up. The house is split across two small buildings, the second of which has two spare rooms + Jean’s room. Both buildings have a bathroom, with a tub in the main house.

We are hoping to stay in Sweden for two to three weeks, and are open to different locations. A home that is reasonably child-friendly, and could sleep the four of us is what we seek.

Anyhow, it’s a long shot, but worth a try :-)!

All the best to you,
Karen and Richard”

Contact: karenlgould