I am pretty sure that my grandmother´s house did not hold as many toys as mine does.
And now that the house is nice and clean I wanted to look into what kind of things Viola needs storage for in her room.

Costumes! Viola loves to play with them and I love to buy them, therefor we have quite a few.
She has one big container that holds a lot, but unfortunately mixing  it all will lead to some of it getting ruined.
Like shoes and wigs. Not a good mix. And the nice dresses should be on a hanger.


I emailed Elisabeth over at the Swedish webshop  www.anyhow.se and she told me about two products in her shop that might be what I was looking for.
She was nice enough to send me a sample.
First a hanger in the shape of one big circle and it was perfect for the dresses. We will keep one in our livingroom cause it looks so nice.


And second: a fabric bag with print for wigs and hats and such. This made me think of all the bags Viola has in her room. I gathered them, filled them and hung them together with the one she sent me.

Now the only thing missing was something for Viola´s dress-up shoes.
I tried to fit them in a box that I got last Christmas. And it was perfect.

All set for make believe.

PS: Anyhow.se is offering free shipping this weekend inside Sweden!