Cleaning with grandmother Downstairs

Now let´s move downstairs. The kitchen might be the toughest part. Let´s start there. This is the current state of my own.

Except the list of stuff from the last post, there are many things that my grandmother did when she cleaned her kitchen.
Here they are:

Clean the stove inside and out. then move it out from the wall and clean behind it. Mom told me once about how grandmother was cleaning the kitchen at night and dragging the stove out only to discover a dead mouse. She came running and screaming  into the living room (Tom & Jerry-style)  and leaped over the children who sat in the sofa. So watch out for dead animals or screaming people.

Empty the fridge and freezer, clean them thoroughly and throw away iffy food. (This is no fun at all so move ahead to the Footloose song on my spotify list. It should help)
Empty all the cabinets and if you have paper covers (hyllpapper)  in there change them. Put back everything nice and neat.
Don´t forget the kitchen drawers especially if they look like this. And the cabinet under the sink is not a friendly place.
Scrub the filters in the fan and get rid of all that grease.
While you are in the kitchen unclogged you coffee machine with vinegar. We make 3 -4 pots of coffee every day, so we  need to do this very, very often.

I love DoreDoris kitchen from my visit there. And her pantry below. Next to it a picture of my mother in laws cleaning supplies storage, that is painted turquoise.


And why not decorate you kitchen with some fun vinyl stickers when you are done. Just like Ungt blod, from this visit.



Keep on repeating  things on the previous list. Ceilings, walls and all furniture needs to be wiped with a damp cloth. The windows in every room, all the radiators and so on. The couch need to be vacuumed or even better taken outside for a beating.



This is all so obvious, and I will go through it very quickly.
Open the window and scrub everything while listening to “baby I ´m burning” with Dolly.

That should do the trick.
Good Luck!

Tomorrow I will talk rewards and I will also deal with those rugs.
And maybe a giveaway.



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April 28, 2010 at 18:26

haha, great post! :-) That magazine, Nido, is it okay? They asked me to do the hometour thing, i think that nice…

Jenny: Hello Julie! Thank you. YES! I really like Nido, this is the second issue I have read. It is fun even though I don´t understand it. =)

April 29, 2010 at 05:30

Ah! Your cleaning posts as of late is really inspiring me to clean our house! :D

Soledad Crescia
April 29, 2010 at 09:13

Jenny and Isabelle you are inspiring, you are marvelous, you irradiate all the best in earth ! You mean a lot to me and it is strange if I do not let you know that. I am renovating my whole house at the moment. (Using the same furniture I had from before) Yesterday I bougth 10 boxes to store things. I live in BA and if you were living where I do you die. Specially in the neighborhood I live. There are very old small strange shops that have been open for ages and that they are not aware of the value of what they have so it is also cheap. The day I am able to send pictures of what I mean and what I find there in an easy and “light” way I will send it to you. I found a perfect cleaning-outfit yesterday. Anyway I have help here in Buenos Aires for cleaning Mariana and Isabel. Mariana comes home three times a week and Isabel twice a week. I have to small kids (4 and 1) The oldest is in the barnehage only 3 hours per day and the youngest is at home the hole day. So Mariana /Isabel are like dagmamma for them

Jenny:What a nice thing to say. Thank you so much for reading Dos. We would love to see your cleaning outfit and all the small fun shops you speak of.. Good Luck with everything.

fru a
April 29, 2010 at 19:44

åh, det där skafferiet… en våt dröm!

eva / sycamore street press
April 30, 2010 at 23:56

Wow, these cleaning posts have been so inspiring. I really need to do some cleaning around here! I think our generation is a lot more lazy when it comes to this than our grandmothers were….me included. This post was the kick in the butt that I needed!