Some of you properly already saw this at Design Sponge when we guest blogged there, but since I have done so many kids-related posts lately I thought this would fit right in. Later this week I have a new visit for you.

“A Secret Basket”
It is really easy.
Viola´s grandmother made her this basket, she is a very talented and crafty lady, but you could use any basket. Size or shape.


We bought some rope, screws and a pulley at the local hardwear store. Tied the rope to the basket and attached the pulley to a beam in the ceiling of her room.
You can use the same principal on a regular ceiling or outside in a tree. For safety precautions make sure to use small screws that would not be able to hold anything heavy. And tell your kids about the hazards surrounding a rope or even better don´t let them play unattended.


Next time Viola is going to have a friend over she is going to prepare the basket with some snacks. And when her little friend is in the mood for a snack Viola will swing the secret basket down in a blink of an eye.
She can not wait.