Della was invited for a kids birthday bash today and we decided to make some last minute gifts.
Glitter snow globes- it was great fun and they got really appriciated!
We just used old glas jars from pasta sauces, jam or whatever we found at home.
Then we looked for small toys she could think of giving away
(She didn’t fancy giving anything away
– oh I miss them already…)
Small plastic crap is great – like stuff you get in a Happy Meal or a Kinder egg.
Also good is using some tall stuff  – then you see them better.
I glued them with super glue to the lid.

Now we didn’t have much time so we made them really basic – but next time I will try to
decorate the jars as well. (Like the bottom and top).
I’ve heard it should be good to put a drop of washing soap

(totally forgot the word for the soap you use when you do the dishes).

But the water became really bubbly – maybe it will disappear… I’ll have to see.

Note: Well I tried the dishwash soap that’s what made the air bubbles. But like you said in the comments – baby oil or Glycerin will do the trick of the flakes falling slower. And another tip is to glue the lid to the jar!






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