Today’s Guest Blogger: Emmy, Stockholm, Sweden

Blog: ennui.blogg.se

Making your own Christmas decorations is possibly the best way to achieve that Christmas feeling. This year I tried a sticky but sweet (literally) DIY project : Snowflakes made of vintage doilies. A nice frosty touch to otherwise pretty dreary  and snow less winters, which is, always, what we usually get here in Stockholm.


Anyway, the snowflakes are pretty easy to make. You can find doilies at thrift shops and flea markets for pocket change.


Once you’ve found your doilies you need to make them stiff. An easy way to achieve this is to use sugar water. Just dissolve sugar in a few drops of water by boiling the mixture for a minute or two.


Once the sugar is dissolved you just let the mixture cool down for a couple of minutes and then dip your doilies in the sugar water. Squeez out the excess. Lay the doilies flat to stiffen for a couple of hours. By then you should have a bunch of frosty snowflakes.


Just thread a piece of string through each snowflake and hang in your window or christmas tree, et voilà!