So I don’t like to spend to much money on clothes for Della since she can wear them for like 2 seconds so I tend to buy second hand clothes or from the big chains and then customize them a little.

So this fall I bought this jacket from H&M and fixed the collar, made a flower, put her name on it and some other small details!



img_1564-2 della

I’m going through Dellas old baby clothes for the soon to be arrival of the new one!
And this fleceoverall is going to be great – just need to change the name.
I used fleece to cut out the name cause then i didn’t need to zigzag around it.



This is my overall from the 70’s. The zipper was used up – so I just changed it to press buttons.
And added some dots.

img_2305 img_2309

These sneakers was Dellas first pairs, also a cheap buy from H&M at the time.
New laces, a skull, some flower ribbons and another kind of ribbond around the top of the shoe.
Before della learned to walk:

and after: