While Isabelle is enjoying Paris this weekend me and my family are at our home in Skåne, Sweden. It has started to get a lot chillier and I really like it. We started this morning with a family photo out in the field next to our house.  And that is my weekend tip for you all: Go out and take a photo of yourself with your family. The group photo is really underestimated I think.  And it does NOT have to look like the ordinary family photo that you take at the local photography studio. No, no. Make it more fun. Use your cellphone, a photo booth or your camera on a tripod (like we did). And go to a place that makes you feel good. Put on your favorite dress or lipstick if that makes you feel nice about yourself. It does not take long and seriously: how many pictures do you have of the whole family together? Not many I bet!

(If you’re not with family this weekend consider it your self-portrait challenge).

Go for it and if you do I would love to see the results. Just email me!