Hi all!

Isabelle , I don´t know if I have told you about a friend of mine called Märta? Well actually it´s a friend of my sisters, but anyway. I have featured her here a lot. First in her own apartment, then in her Mothers house. And today I will do another post on her stuff. You see she is very talented, and I wanted to show you her latest project.


She took an ordinary closet in her mothers house and turned it in to a small hide out for her niece Selma. A little nest. “It was all very simple and thrifty” she tells me. Since she liked the color she did not repaint.


For the bottom shelf she bought an old mattress at a flea market and made a new cover for it. This makes a nice seating place . She used the stuffing out of old pillows to make the cloud-like cushions.

The squares of grass are from Rusta , she bought them for the floor and stars that glow in the dark for the ceiling. But when she realized that the grass wasn’t very nice to walk on she flipped the sky and the ground. And hung the grass above and the stars below.


To the left on the wall in the first picture you can see a window-like square. Märta wanted to enhance the feeling of it being a window so she stapled a fabric with a forest print to it.

On the opposite side of the closet she painted an alphabet. On all of the letters she glued a small dot of Velcro (kardborreband).  And on that dot you can stick small pictures, with Velcro on the back, that Märta has illustrated herself.  She has started to sell this product. Made to order. Contact me or comment to get in touch with her.



On the inside of the door Märta painted swallows on a wire and Madicken flying from the roof top. And she hung some more Velcro illustrations on the wall.


My daughter Viola came along for the shoot.


“Room for grandkids and other rugrats”. Thank you Märta for having us over.