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So I stayed a week at this beautiful hotel/resort called Doryssa Bay in Samos – Greece.
It’s an old building right by the beach that they turned into a design hotel a couple of years ago.
There is a village part – built like an old village with different houses or the hotel.
I really enjoyed the details.
Like how they made the floor in the lounge, the white wall in the restaurant made of old olive oil barrels,
the leaves in the glass screen, the epoxy floor in the lobby with small dry flowers,
the lobbylounge with stones and loads of random lights.
The big barrels made of old tyres and the benches of massive wood.
Well the resort was perfect for quiet families with children or older people. I didn’t enjoy the food that much.
I also must say that the service wasn’t great but overal ok.
The strange thing was that the airport was like 300 m from the resort wich gave a influence of beeing in Top Gun
a couple of times a day. I thought it was cool – not disturbing.
I will edit  a movie soon so you can see more!