Well.. since I  have so many unfinished projects, just like Isabelle, this was one easy task for me.   Here are my top 3:

1. We have two entrences to our house. One is all nice and big and the other one is tiny and neglected. But during the summer this is the one we use the most. I started to renovate this small room over one year ago. I took down the wallpaper and uncoverd the paneling you see to the left AND I even painted it white. But then it came to a halt. All I have to do is to decide on what shade of green I want and then just start painting it! Get it done already Jenny!!

2. Violas bedroom is so small, but the radiotor is big. I don´t know what to do with it, I want to cover it up, but how? Any ideas?

3. This wall has not been completed. We need to sand the putty(spackeling?) down and paint it. And then we want to be able to use the beam as a shelf but it is uneven on the top. This is not very hard to fix, but it is kind of boring to do.