I want to tell you the story about our house.  This is the first part of that story.

There was no bidding on this house, nobody but us wanted it, we could not believe it. This was 3 years ago , when house prices were still high. But this was not considered to be a dream house (by any others than us) in fact the neighbors called it “the drug addicts house”. It had a rough past. A lot of people had moved in and out of this house, and it needed a lot of work. It was not going to be a walk in the park. But after looking at it twice we sealed the deal. And it felt great! after a whole year of house-hunting we were sick of going to open homes. And we absolutely loved the price on this house. It was going to make it possible for us to stay home with our daughter Viola a bit longer.

Before that, we lived in an apartment in Malmö and Jens rented a pricey office downtown where he spent many and long days away from home. We did not like the situation. We wanted to spend more time together and work from home, buying a house would make this possible. Even though Jens would still be working a lot, we could see each other more. When we finally found our house Viola was one and a half years old.

Being a romantic (some would call it being a fool) I looked trough all of my interior magazines and dreamed about our to-be perfect house. The house had not always been a mess. The Family who built our house, in the 1940s, lived in it for many years, and back then it was cared for and the garden was beautiful.When we bought the house the garden was awful. It had nothing but mud. We were going to have to sow grass, but not until spring.

We got the keys to our house on the 1st of November, and on the 11th we had to hand over the apartment keys to it´s new owner. This gave us some time to renovate. The house was not big (it has gotten bigger), the only bedroom was upstairs, and that is were Jens was going to work. The first floor was where we were going to live: A living room and a kitchen. We decided to get the living room ready before we moved in. It was painted dark red and had laminated flooring. We were hoping that it had a wooden floor underneath and we were right!

We spent all of our free time working on this room. We got a lot of help from our family, who came to babysit and paint.. On moving day the floor still smelled from paint and we were almost afraid to put furniture on it. Jens moved his office upstairs, but as Viola got older, it got harder for him to concentrate. So he started to look for an alternative and found a tiny modular house, on blocket.se. Blocket is an online marketplace, for secondhand furniture and beyond. One rainy night we hauled the house home to our front yard and that is how Jens got his new office.

To be continued…..