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  • Neat TV stand for your kid’s wall

    I love TV but the cords connecting it drive me crazy. My son Frank’s room is a tangled mess of cords right now, so I’m planning on building something like in this pic for his wall. I photographed this neat Tv shelf at Sabine Brandt’s Copenhagen apartment, I’m using it for inspiration. I’m not much of a builder so I better call mom, cause she’s my personal Macgyver.  

  • The interior alternative you’ve been looking for

    Here is my fave picture of myself. So much to look at, perfect for a brain exercise: Can you see these object? I spy with my litle eye… a Care Bear glass a girl looking at her toes a plastic bag a Tabasco bottle a rag rug a wooden butter knife red scissors Have fun!  

  • The story of a picture

    This is my most pinned picture on Pinterest. I’ve sold the photo several times, to ads in Norway, realtors in the US and for interior magazines who used it to illustrate articles about “Indoor plants”, “Living with kids”, “Fleamarket decor” and “built in bookcases”. Ikea even rented our house for a shoot after they found this image.  It’s also the one picture I get the most emails about, asking for…