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  • Right here right now

    Viola´s daycare is having a costume party tomorrow. I´m pretty sure she´ll be the only one with this gear. On my purple table: girls with balloons. We have been doing laundry all weekend. But still it looks like this. Frank´s shoes. To big but I still want them hanging around. Viola found a rabbit. A piggy bank rabbit. That´s all folks!

  • Dos Moodboard no.8

    Here are some things around my house that I find inspiring right now. Annie Hall Clark Scooby bed covers. A gift from Fingerspitzengefuhl. The beautiful book: Natural Fashion. Tribal Decoration From Africa. By Hans Silvester. A birds nest, by Viola. and houses made of Pringles tubes and light bulb boxes. Also by Viola.

  • Dos Moodboard no.7