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  • Viola´s Café gone wild

    Do you remember Viola´s cozy café on our second floor? As you can see it is not always that cozy.

  • ohhh the sweet mess of Christmas

    I come from a rich tradition of “getting things done in the last minute”. My mother fondly tells me about what a thrill it was getting up of the morning of Christmas and seeing all the things that grandmother had spent the whole night hanging and wrapping and decorating. (By the way my grandmother was a perfectionist when it came to Christmas, once grandad had to return the tree 3…

  • Life is what´s going on

    I find that I like my not-so-clean-house more when I photograph the mess. So that´s what I did today, instead of cleaning. PS. The bottom one is not from today, but it wanted to tag along, so I let it.