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  • Tangled

    My hair and I working late in the studio. #purplehair #stopmotion music by #giltrythall on the #moog Ett filmklipp publicerat av Jenny Dosfamily.com (@jennyfromdosfamily) Maj 10, 2016 kl. 12:50 PDT My hair and I working late in the studio. You are following me on instagram right? @jennyfromdosfamily PS: The brilliant music is by Gil Trythall. He plays the moog. Pin It

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  • I´m neatly crossing my fingers

    Monday. Back to work after a 4 day long weekend. Trying to shake the laziness off my back. This long weekend sure gave me a taste for leisure. The weather was perfect. We put the speakers in the windows and just did nothing for 4 days. I´m far gone. Too far gone for my usual tricks (bra and boots). Might as well go back to my book “I´ll give you…

  • Birthday gif(t)

    Yes, it´s my birthday. 36 years old. Frank took my birthday portrait, above and I got Kim Kardashian West´s book Selfish.