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  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween to all you maniacs out there. Here are some of my favorite alter egos over the years.            

  • Behind the scenes-Party Book-shoot

    As you know the fab book Alla Balla Kalas is finally out in stores. I´m so happy that Christina , Ann and Isabelle wanted me to be a part of it.  I´ve  been dying to show you some “behind the scenes” photos from the Partys that I photographed. Here are some.. When we planned the Monster Party I knew I wanted to invite Lady Gaga as one of the guests.…

  • Viola goes Norwegian Death Metal

    Since my hubby Jens has told me, very clearly,  that he does not read our blog, he only looks at the pictures, It´s safe for me to tell you that I´ve ordered Peter Beste´s book “True Norwegian Death metal” for him for Christmas. I was reminded of the book when Viola turned up , looking like this, after Jens and her had had lunch and done a little face facepainting.