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  • Clouds ahead – New print at our shop sammyrose.se

    There’s a new print in our shop today: “clouds ahead” by Jens Grönberg. You who follow us on instagram (@breakfastdesign / @jennyfromdosfamily) know that we like photographing clouds, and here we made use of them for this print. Jens finalized it this weekend and it´s available in two sizes. 50x70cm 75EURO 70x100cm 90EURO Go to the shop to see more.  www.sammyrose.se Pin It

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  • Always drawing

    Jens is such an early bird. He is always the first one up in our family. When we tiptoe downstairs we´ll find him either on the computer: drawing or by the paper: drawing. This one has to go up in the shop.

  • Our trip to the Amsterdam Dance Event Part 1

    We went to the Amsterdam Dance Event, ADE Jens works with the house music label Axtone and they are always attending fun events all over the place. Since Jens and I really like being at home we usually don´t go, but this time I had my heart set on dancing. And I´m pretty hard to say no to, so we went. Every year Amsterdam hosts a big dance music event, called…