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  • Neat TV stand for your kid’s wall

    I love TV but the cords connecting it drive me crazy. My son Frank’s room is a tangled mess of cords right now, so I’m planning on building something like in this pic for his wall. I photographed this neat Tv shelf at Sabine Brandt’s Copenhagen apartment, I’m using it for inspiration. I’m not much of a builder so I better call mom, cause she’s my personal Macgyver.  

  • Our gaming room is gonna get real

    On a warmish summer night Jens and I went for a stroll passed our neighbour’s house, he was just about to kick his old TV to the curb. (Actually here in Sweden you have to take it to the recycling station, but “kick it to the curb” sounds better for this story). Since Jens and I are of the opinion that you can’t have too many televison sets we said:…

  • Our livingroom in the sunlight.

    Frank made a pretty sweet shadow installment in the living room today.