About Jenny & Isabelle

Photographer Jenny Brandt and Designer Isabelle McAllister met online and this decor blog is their digital love child.
Jenny and Isabelle put all their love, pink paint and neon lights into this rebel blog.
Breaking the norm one room at a time, since 2009.

This is the interor alternative you´ve been looking for.

“Blogging got swept up in a minimalist, monetised, confession-olympics, personal branding tornado, but there are still LOTS of bloggers who blog in a less samey-samey, non-one-uppy, non-cynical, cute detail-dotted way. Like…! They have continued to blog in the same irreverent and fun way from the get-go! I love reading this blog”.
Pip Lincolne, Meet Me At Mikes.

Jenny Brandt

Jenny Brandt, photographer and co-owner of
This house cat lives with her family in Ystad, Sweden. She is a photographer by day and vampire by night. From her studio she creates blog posts, Instagram posts and art with her husband Jens Grönberg, graphic designer. They make images for record labels, books , magazine and for their own print shop


Jenny & Jens Print Shop.


Isabelle McAllister.

Isabelle McAllister, designer & mastermind at Miss McAllister Crative Agency.
This social, city, Batgirl spends her time between her apartment in Stockholm & her house in the deep woods of Dalarna. She is a constantly on the lookout for adventures & bright new ideas. Her daily life is crazy mix of helping companies with their branding, styling for ads & magazines, giving talks about which trends will take us to the future. Isabelle also hosts different TV shows.