Jag har blivit med podd! Röse & McAllister är äntligen ute

This spring is epic when it comes to not blogging but I have simply not had the time. Between the filming of Maxat, the family that had a lot of small outbursts of crisis and the move to Bali . And naturally in the middle of it all I’ve had to start a new thing – a podcast. Together with the actress and human activist Eva Röse. It is in Swedish and you can listen to it right here.

The thing is we don’t know each other. But it is going to be fun to start the pod and get to now her and the medium. I love to have the platform to be able to talk about new engaging stuff. I hope you will listen!

We also have a facebook page that you can follow – not to miss any episodes and also there we will post links to things we talk about.