Easter morning chillin at the cabin

Hello hello, long time no see. I’ve had the mega angry terribly monster flu and then started a new project. Season 2 of my tv show maxat (watch season 1 right here ). It has all been a bit overwhelming. I’ve barely made it. But now – some days holiday up north and we’ve all enjoying it to the fullest.

We’re not really big on traditions. At all. We enjoy the downtime. But I didn’t to any decoration. We didn’t have any special dinners or food. But all is good anyways.

The cat is happiest of us all. So much space and nature to roam.

I tried to do one of those influencer breakfast shots. Not my thing really.

Della is better at it.

We also started watching the second season of Series of Unfortunate Events just out on Netflix (Syskonen Baudelaires olycksaliga liv).  It is soo good. A bit Tim Burton, a bit Wes anderson. Very funny, dark, twisted and great actors. Love it. And I love that my kids love that kind of humor.

The mess of style and patterns. As it should be in a cottage.