Last week in an elevator

Last week I attended a fair in Malmö.
Malmö is only 40 minutes by car from my house. But because of snow and difficult weather I ended up in a hotel in Malmö for several nights. Every morning when I woke up I checked out of the hotel hoping I could drive home the following night after work, but that only happened once! all the other nights I checked back in to the hotel after the fair.

When I’m away from home I automatically photograph things and send to Jens. Every day I took a picture in the elevator of the hotel. Saying: “Don´t wait up for me I’ll be at the hotel”. So here are some of those pictures, different days in the elevator

  1. This is the first night at the hotel. I look so sad, and that is pretty accurate. I had been in my car for 3 hours (in terrible weather) on my way home, only to get stopped by the police, half way there, telling me the road had been closed.
  2. Second night. Terrible weather. Instead of trying to drive home I went to H&M raided the SALE on the mens section buying a warm coat, hat and clothes.

3. Bought a turban to cover my messy hair.

4. Bought a brush!

5. Pretty happy here. I had gone home the previous night to get some things. YAY!
6. Here I’ve accepted the situation and started to enjoy the hotel life.

7. Same as no. 6

8. Look who I found =) Isabelle came to Malmö to talk about future living, environmental issues and interior decorating.