12 days ago and All we got was these lousy photo’s ;-)

Oh my – February you bastard. I’m so tired, got some small wounds on my fingers that got infected and yes all I want to do is eat. Now apparently my life is somewhat turned totally random. I’m in some sort of transition. For what I don’t know but I’m following the flow that means that I’m doing a lot of new fun stuff but forgetting about the blog. Something Kia reminded us of today so let’s have a look what weird things that has been stuck in my camera lately:

1. My son is ready comic’s all over. I’m reminding everyone on instagram about this from time to time. But I still think is a great way to get kids to read.
2. Emma Sundh – oh wow I love honest and beautiful posts like this one. She is talking about her body. Head over there to read it. You rock girl!

3. Found a huge head for sale only 5000 dollares!

4. And I can’t stop thinking about this Smithsonian Obama portrait by Kehinde Wiley. It’s amazing! Love his work. And you can’t blame my for loving the break from the other presidential portraits.

5. Kias’s great comment here on the blog. ” Twelve days ago. Hope you know what you’re doing with us!” haha love it <3 I feel the love.

6. Jenny & I are the queens of random stuff. Actually we should start an Instagram with things we send to eachother from the web and such. This is a book tip she just gave. with the words.
“Good. A little bit chic lit. ”
Well those words are enough for me.

7. Today I gave a talk about futuristic design trends at my kids school – how you can build houses, coole techiques with furniture made of seaweed & vertical forests. Something I normally do for grown ups. But it was so much fun doing it for 12 year olds. In one of the classroom, one of their teachers Martin Johansson (who also writes bread books) had posted these great quotes from the book Alex Dogboy that they are reading in class at the moment. About the poor boy living on the streets on Honduras with his dogs.

8. Me and Della ran Arena Run this past week end. A 2 km long obstacle course, in a big stadium. I think I’m in pretty good shape at the moment but after just a couple of 100 meters running I hit such a major wall. And it was so hard. Not really the obstacles but I just lost it. Didn’t help me having Della about 20 meters infront of me fresh and strong as a small horse! But we had fun!

9. I’ve had a hard time motivating myself to work out since new years. I still do it about 4 times a week. But I feel heavy and slow and when I want to roar like a Tigre I sound like a kitten. But still. I go there and do the job. Must count for something right? I like to wear my hair like Rey – for extra Jedi power. When we watched the latest Star Wars movie. I very happy told my kids – “look she has the same hair style as me!” They rolled their eyes at me and said that it was me imitating her…  Well details. I forgot.

10. Facebook reminded me about my photoshoot with Peter Beard in New York year 2000.

11. In my hood there is Christoffers Blommor. Always makes me smile – passing their shop and felt a bit more like spring!

12. I found my studio mates Stina’s art work in the magazine Scandinavian Retro.

13. I miss Elin that used to work with me alot. She also wrote about some reality on her blog.  And she’s got a new blog about kids rooms called barnrumsbloggen.

14. Weird subaway selfie FTW

15. A house party is the best! At my friend Sofia’s B day party.

16. Passed an underwear shop and found these panties. Perfect for a cold February, or when you need to sit for a long time, or when you’ve got your period and need some pads in there somewhere…

17. I’m giving a lot of talks and talking about #metoo, equality and such at the moment. I’m involved at my kids school. Giving another talk tomorrow about it. This is a graph about violence. An easy way to see how bad languages actually is connected to heavier violence…

18. And someone who is fantastic talking about these things is Peter Svensson & his partner Nina Rungs. Swedish readers go follow them on Instagram.

19. I finally got some lights in our stairs. So now it’s possible to see this photo even in Mordor.

20. My girl has started with track and field and also Handball so now my week-ends are filled with sport. <3

21. We celebrated our 14 years together last week. REad more about my wedding here.  & part 1 – the before part here.  

22. Finally got to see this fantastic piece of art by Osgemeos. I wish wish wish Stockholm had more street art.

23. A nice walk down in Old Town I caught this view. Forgot how it is with the sun.

24. Love the light art at Hötorget Subway station.

25. Another sunny morning when I was out running.

26. Wrote about my style or random style on Instagram. Always a mystery how the clothes ends up on my body


Well that’s all folk’s – Now I gotta go back to school for a parent meeting.





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February 20, 2018 at 19:08

Brilliant! I feel rather proud having tricked you into making forever long lists of random! I love random! Just you wait – next time I’ll start weeping after 11 days, then 10…. And yes, it’s all love <3<3 Nr 2, 8 and 16 are my favorites!

Isabelle McAllister
February 21, 2018 at 15:33
– In reply to: kia

It was THE perfect trick. Thank you!

February 20, 2018 at 21:50

Åh saknar dig också! <3

Isabelle McAllister
February 21, 2018 at 15:34
– In reply to: Elin


February 20, 2018 at 21:50

Fanastico!!! mucho diggar denna mega bigga post – tack!!

Isabelle McAllister
February 21, 2018 at 15:40
– In reply to: famapa

Tack själv för pepp! hoppas allt är bra`! kram