100 snap shots from Isabelle’s not so very interesting February 1st

Good morning folk’s! Let’s do this. Yet another slushy, dark kind of ordinary Wednesday in Stockholm. Guess some of us is stoked. Good.

Having a window in a bathroom is such a treat. Even when it’s dark outside. I love our big bathroom. Never thought I would think about a bathroom this way.

I always keep som small flower in this owl on the zink. I got the owl from Rebecka when she moved to London. <3

Went to Vasastan – other side of town to meet up with my naprapath Jonas. But I was an hour early. Damn. But I had to buy some caulking for my new door/room. And Google maps told me I had a 20 min walk to the place selling the stuff. Which left me with 10 minutes shopping and then 20 min back. I got some powerful legs so I started my journey.

Found a cute little bench by this bakery. Normally the have this street sign in the shape of an sunflower. All designed by Rikard Gartmyr.

Also past this Indian Restaurant that made an accent wall out of ceiling roses, all just painted in the same color as the wall.

Didn’t get a good shot in the store where I bought the caulking stuff but it’s probably one of the best store for flooring in Stockholm. Called Kvadratmeter. They have all these samples of different floor treatments. Like oiled floors, hard wax floors and so on. You can also get samples of different treatments on diffrent kind of wood. Like how will this look on oak or pinewood.

All this things I managed before 0900. I suddenly realized I was in the hood where my hubby works. So I called him up to steal a quick kiss. He was more like but I just saw you?? Haha. I thought it was like in the movies.

Bye bye love – have a good day!

I walked for another 10 minutes to end up where I started. This is my face watching this image….

A gigant not so tasty looking huge sausage… But Why? Such a weird image to put on a large piece of wall.

Well hello Mr Jonas Parandian. Naprapath of the year – last year but still in my book. He’s a cool dude. Go follow his adventures on Instagram. Like when he baths in ice.  Or gives you cool advise on how to bust some moves.

Yes, I’m still here. Looking the same but with the subway behind me.

Back on my subway stop – Medborgarplatsen, there was lots of commotion and people arguing with the police. (There was a big police bus around the corner) But this officer on a segway. Sorry probably a good vehicel in town but it looks so dorky. No one can ride a segway without loosing dignity. Well Bey probably would find a way but none else.

I came home to the building mess downstairs. The cat found a hiding place under the table. It’s like when you play hide n seek with a 2 year old. They close their eyes and think you can’t see them. I think my cat think likes that all the time.

I had my 11 o’clock egg break. I have this perfect little dotted box for my eggs.

– No, get off the table! You know you are not allowed up there!

-What ya mean? I didn’t do anything!

– Ok, just keep far away from the food. And look the sun came out!


And I went to the dungeons at the gym and had an hour with my personal trainer Zebbe. My camera also lost all it’s juice when I did the craziest of moves. We had such a fun practice. Did all kind of animal walks and monkey bars. Treating myself to a personal trainer is one of the best decisions ever. Such a good investment.

Yes, time for some carbs! What we started to do is to boil extra much pasta & potatoes to always keep in the fridge. So if someone gets hangry food will be there in no time.

Yes, he drinks the water from the vase. It is very cute. I wonder if he gets like extra vitamins or believes so?

Did we say carbs? A semla a day keeps the doctor away! The best ones this year is made by Sofo Bageriet. Trust me I may have eaten MANY already.

Yes, this little rascal keeps me company everywhere. Here he is watching me sitting on the toilet…

Then I went to my studio for some hours. I LOVE Stinas mess so much. Get’s me so inspired.

Here she is – l’artiste herself. We talk like this between our desks. In march I’ll move out- It is time for another season of Maxat.
If you live in Stockholm and need a studio space – check our Facebook page  for more images from my studio and info about it. 

When I came back home I found Beppe and a friend playing ping pong on our kitchen table. (We have one of these – best thing ever)
And my mother in law Birgitta , 75 yrs old, in full swing.

Never a dull moment.

A rather ordinary but nice day.

Bye bye




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February 3, 2018 at 10:20

Those last two images! <3 Plus, I've been searching for candleholders like yours (those flowery ones) for ages, are they marked/ of a special brand?

Isabelle McAllister
February 3, 2018 at 11:38
– In reply to: kia

Hi Kia! I bought them at Indiska – a Swedish Brand like 5 years ago. But unfortunately haven’t seen them since. http://sofobageri.se/

February 3, 2018 at 11:50
– In reply to: Isabelle McAllister

Thanks! And thank you for adding a link to a bakery! Mmmm pastries! <3

February 4, 2018 at 12:14
– In reply to: kia

Haha i added the wrong link. Was supposed to be to indiska ❤️

February 6, 2018 at 09:33
– In reply to: admin

I figured it was not on purpose, made it even better:)

Heidi Lefebvre
February 4, 2018 at 22:51

I’d been feeling flat which was worrying bc I have a lot of deadlines but seeing this post reminded me how it is sometimes the ordinary days that present you with the creative content that transforms into extraordinary outcomes. I loved your day :)

Isabelle McAllister
February 6, 2018 at 13:43
– In reply to: Heidi Lefebvre

Thank you! So happy to get comments about it cause to felt kind of foolish posting it kisses and good luck with your deadlines!

Sofia Jansson
February 4, 2018 at 22:54

Haha! Älskar det här!!

Isabelle McAllister
February 6, 2018 at 13:43
– In reply to: Sofia Jansson

så glad att du gör det!

Jenny Brandt
February 6, 2018 at 09:07

känns som jag varit där med dig, denna dag.

Isabelle McAllister
February 6, 2018 at 13:44
– In reply to: Jenny Brandt

du är alltid med det vet du!