I found a door and made another room for my tween

When we moved to this apartment I thought it was a great idea to have the lower floor entirely devoted to the kids. It was where the kitchen used to be but suited us much better like this. I started out making a little hut like a room in the room (watch it here on my you tube channel) but the kids kind of hated it. I really don’t know why. I asked them a couple of days ago and they where like well maybe we were to young to get it but I would love to have it now..? Typical. But naturally the thought about turning this big room so that they’ll get one room each has been there from the start. For a long time I was into making a kind of industrial glass divider. (Look at this glass wall by rising star Linnéa Salmén on Instagram) . But none of the firms that I asked about this came back to me and I also wanted something different in the end. Then I found this cool door & just knew I had to do something with it!

The first image is when just the studs of the wall was up. Then all the putty had to been put (very funny) and I just painted like the first layer paint. (Yes my little rebel girl wants it all in white (the horror ;-) Hopefully this weekend it will be all done! Happy times.

The first image above is from Bali. All the doors on that island OMG. Have to show you some more soon. This door I bought comes originally from India. I think I know where the inspiration came from. And the other pic is the room from from another angle. I don’t know yet if I’m gonna paint it dark grey around the door like around the mirror. Or make it all white?

Here you see me taking a selfie in the giant mirror wall. Spot the lamp switch on both images and you see them black in the mirror and white on the same. The left image is from when we made the floor. The corner you see behind my dad is Dellas room now and used to be the kitchen.
It’s gonna be good – right?



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Jenny Brandt
February 1, 2018 at 08:34

så jävla bra!

Isabelle McAllister
February 1, 2018 at 15:08
– In reply to: Jenny Brandt

thanks darling