A first moment of this year including the buttocks of some Bambi’s

X-mas came around and left and my brains left with it but havn’t returned yet. I had such a calm time at my cabin. It was great but it’s like I’m totally out of tune. Like everything I wanna put on this blog or on Instagram just get stuck. Like nothing is good enough. Good enough for what I don’t really know. New years eve we went to the neighboring town to some friends and had a great evening. But we left just before 12 like Cinderella and saw the fireworks from the shore of a little lake.

When we drove home it snowed like crazy. All alone on the road and home by 00.30. I’m not really into newyears eve. I mean I love a good party and hanging out with friends. But The Preasssha. OMG can’t handle it.

When I parked the car the snow was everywhere – I had to get my camera out. And just when I wanted to go inside my hubby said did you see the bambi’s? I got out again and they where casually striding on the street.  They where too quick to catch on cam but still in slowmo. But heey it was a first great moment of the first year watching them, in that still, numb silence that packed snow gives. Watching their white behinds go into the dark.

Well A new year-  new hope!
I wish you a very happy 2018!

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January 17, 2018 at 08:50

Looks like a perfect night