When home sick with your little ones

Kids home sick. Or just tired. Or just a bit of both. It’s hard to tell these days. I spoke with a Mexican girl that pretty much just arrived in Stockholm and realized. She doesn’t know anything else than this, I mean arriving in Sweden now is a bit weird. It’s just bloody survival.

Anyways tips to do with your kids when they are home ill.

Play a lot of games. video, tv, board what ever works.
Take long baths.
Give them some massage. That really helped my kids to learn how to relax.
Use the face swap and change it with your cats
Google pandas in the snow clips on you tube like this one.
Watch Milo Guardian of the moon over and over again
Watch the Stick Man by Julia Donaldson
Watch the old Star Wars movie for a recap now when the new is out.
Draw nice things as gifts for x-mas.
When feeling better – turn your eating table into a ping pong version with this magic set (good xmas gift as well)

East some candy.