Snap shots – Jenny in Stockholm thru her phone!

Isabelle: Jenny! This is how I met up with you the first morning. I’d been to the dentist and you had gone for a morning stroll. My whole head hurt from the cleaning works the dentist had done. It was terrible. I never get any cavity, it was just cleaning, but she uses some sort of new ultra violet tool that is supposedly efficient but sounds and feels like torture.

Jenny: Yes. I went to NK while you were being cleaned (tortured) cause my daughter has had her eye on one of those KENZO shirts with the lion on the front, you know. HOLY COW they were expensive. Are they made of gold? As the sales clerk showed me the shirt (and the price tag) I made a move for the café. I slowly, slowly backed away from her with a smile on my face saying “Sure, I’ll be back, just have to go to the bank (and rob it)”. Then I had a coffee and “Lussebulle” (one of many during this trip). That’s were you found me.

PS: I took a picture of the shirt I was wearing to show Jens I had stolen his clothes for this trip.

Isabelle: You walked close by the parliament in Old town? I recognize that long passage from there.

Jenny: Yup, you know your town alright! Stockholm is really pretty and great for walking which is great cause the subway kinda scares me when your’re not there to guide me.

Isabelle: This store smelled so nice. And beautiful things as well. I’ve been on a strict shopping diet but with you here it all went a bit down the drain.

Jenny: In your own defense you only bought gifts, for Christmas and for Beppe’s birthday, right?

I really enjoyed this little tour of shops we did. Lots of inspiration: Like how they display things, color schemes and that kind of stuff. Like the drapes in this store and the moody atmosphere.

Isabelle: I don’t think I’ve had heels on for over 2 years. Felt it was some kind of female chains. I want to move run and jump not have pain in my feet! But this pair OMG. Can’t stop thinking about them.

I love this store (to the right) for it sense of details and that even thou you want to buy an expensive antique you can still walk out of there with some great prized small stuff.

Jenny: Oh yes!  Brandstationen was an absolute joy.

Jenny: I am such a happy eater. Going around town with you is great for my tummy.  I take pictures of the food so I can show Jens all the fun stuff I’ve tried, I never remember the name of the dish. However this place is called Barobao.

Isabelle: I love trying to watch my city thru the eyes of someone who is not here that often. Like almost all the places we had food at felt like abroad. Like a little trip somewhere.

Isabelle: After lunch I went to the toilet. Took this photo, had a pee and then searched for toilets rolls like for like ever. Too long to feel smart…

Jenny: This reminds me of when I accidentally ordered 200 toilet paper roles and only one apple from our weekly food delivery truck. It’s Jens’ favorit story.

When Jens went out to the truck he over-heard the delivery guy mumble “Damn these people ordered a hell of a lot of “skithuspapper” (loosly translated to “papper for the shitter”)

hahaha too funny. Anyway I love the display.

Isabelle: Haha I love that story too. You know Jens texted me about this when it happened and I laughed so hard I started crying. He went on and on in really funny texts about it. haha.

Jenny: We also passed your studio and said hello to Stina And the girls.

Isabelle: Last week we had an event in the studio and somehow the place feels much cooler and happier now. Can you believe I actually watched that TV when I was a kid? We had it at our country place. It’s black and White as in B&W image!! and I’m 100 years old.

Jenny: Yeah you’re practically an antique yourself.

Isabelle: Yes working hard on my provenance right now. To fill this old bag with great stories.

Isabelle: I also love entering our studio when it looks like this. With drawings everywhere! So alive and beautiful. A pretty mess

Jenny: Yes, it is a pretty mess, I wish I could feel the same way about my own mess.

Isabelle: Hear hear. It is always hard to look at your own stuff with fresh eyes.

Isabelle: Can you believe it’s 1 hour more light every day right now down in Skåne where you live compare to here. Crazy. This year I’m really feeling it.

Jenny: Yes it is quite a lot! The Stockholm days are very short. But I really loved the snow. So pretty. Had to take lots of photos and send back home.

Isabelle: I love the fuzzy image of me and Beppe walking home from school. Such an ordinary thing but filled with love.

Isabelle: Back at my place with the cat greeting us. And more of Stina’s artwork. I think it’s a good reminder. Cool Kids Cry. I hope my boy will read it when hes getting older and probably stuffing his feelings inside. I wish men would cry more. It’s such a great outlet. Like an emotional fart!!

Jenny: As long as people aren’t farting for real I’m cool with anything.

Isabelle: Haha you’re in deep trouble. Like all the time then.

Jenny: Around Stockholm we saw people indulging themselves to fancy shopping, expensive lunches and drinks. So when we got home we felt like treating ourselves to a fancy drink of our own, “Why not?” YOLO and all that… but once we opened the liquor cabinet we must have gotten distracted by something in there (a skull from Mexico? a sock? a postcard?) cause somehow we just forgot about it.

Isabelle: I’m such a lousy drinker in the way that I almost never drink. We still have booze left overs from our wedding – 8 years ago. haha


Jenny: This cat is such a ham! He is always around in case anyone has a camera on hand. I kinda missed my cat Saba, so Snoop was the perfect company for me.

Isabelle: My cat is such a show-off!


Isabelle: My dad & Lollo came over for dinner. We had to check if the cat and their dog would go along so they can join us at our cottage. The cat was so scared and sat up on one of the beams in the ceiling. The dog didn’t even know there was a cat there. He is really old.

Jenny: I love these pictures of Lollo showing your videos of kids building their own MAXAT machines. (Inspired by you TV show).


Jenny: Not only does your home look great it smells great too.


Isabelle: I’m really into a nice smelling home. So pretty much have some scents all over the house.

Jenny: Do you see Beppe’s legs sticking out from behind my selfie?

 Isabelle: Yeah. On the floor playing PS4. You’ve could have started a fire and he wouldn’t have noticed.

Isabelle: Before going to bed we were talking about some ideas and ate yet some more buns. The cat is really sneaky when we have friends over. Then he tries to steal all the good stuff.

Jenny: I’ve never met a cat who eats bread. But hey, you are crazy about bread and he is YOUR cat.

Jenny: I took the picture to the left to remind myself to put a shelf on top of an electrical outlet in my own kitchen. Very practical way to get some more light without steeling any of the precious counter top space.
Picture to the right: Your good-looking bedroom.

Isabelle: The shelf is a good idea very happy with it. But I actually stole the electricity to the lamp thru the wall behind. To get some more available plugs.
And yes so dark in the bedroom to see how nice it is. Also glad to have it back but I miss you!
Come back soon!

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Lena K.
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