That 17 hour work day last week – and 900km later – hour by hour

06.30 After dragging myself out of the nice bed. The ordinary crazy hour started. With oats and eggs. Please do you have any good oatmeal variations? I always eat it with fresh berries, milk, banana & grated coconut. But I need some new stuff! Tried overnight oats this morning with oats, chia seeds, and cocoa mixed in coconut milk. It was awful. haha

7.20 Look what some make up can do. Or was it maybe this year’s first snow?!

Same hour but still nice- dark when you leave home and dark when you come home.

7.20 still.. but heey it’s snowing!

8.00 Out in the suburbs where we last week were shooting a big campaign for a big Swedish company.  A nice walk from the tube to the house.

I look a bit like the French headmistress in Harry Potter part 4  – Madame Olympe Maxime

9.00 starting with the first image. This is lovely photographer Frida Ström that I work alot with for this client! Nice to have a solid great team! We hade already prepared the first image the day before but it got so dark we had to wait to shoot it the day after.

10.00 It’s crazy when you work in someones house and turn it upside down for the hours that we are there. Mixing all kinds of props everywhere. This time we worked in Katarinas cool home- follow her att @ettrumtill

11.00 Full on blizzard outside. But kind of great. Life get so much lighter with the snow.

11.30 and also with some dogs in the house! My studio mate Johanna – was kind enough to pass by with her dogs Asta & Elsa.

What a crazy gang. Never work with kids or dogs they say in the film industry. Well dogs are easier I think. At least this day.

Dogs and props was the how the day continued. We managed to do sooo many images. Yay.

Fridas assistant Rebecka in the house.  I hade Elin – @studioelwa as great help as always!

Looki looki at these crazy faces! They made so many funny noises. Like snoring but awake. And farting.

French bulldog in a kind of French boudoir set up.

Ok I know enough with them dog but this is Johanna – and her baby Asta. (My granny was called Asta – reincarnated maybe??)

16.00 I had to leave to go to the airport cause I had kind of double booked myself. So I had to go to Gothemburg. But with the snow everything was late… I had to change outfits in the taxi and arrived …

17.55 – 5 minutes before the show was about to start! Puh. Felt like superwoman. Here I am with Jonas who is a real estate broker in Göteborg.

18.05 I got the largest screen ever. They were smart and hosted the event in a cinema!

19.15 I love doing this talk. I’m speaking about trends, new technics and design when it comes to our homes and how we live. Everything from vertical forrest’s, teslas roofing, furniture made out of seaweed , urbanization, compact living, smart cities and so much more! It is fun cause normally a lot of people in the audience maybe don’t realize how all this will and can affect them but I can tell they get really excited when they listen!


21.30 I survived another plane ride back home and managed to get the flight in time. When my talk was done I hade 25 minuted to go from center of town in Gothemburg to get the flight. Oh my the cab driver was driving so fast. He got so stressed. I was just too tired to even bother. But glad I made it! And it was rather good since my hubby also worked in another town that day and who would be with the kids if I didn’t make it home..?


23. 00 The baby sitter was sent home.  I found Beppe asleep with his clothes on and lamp still burning  – cartoons all over the bed.


23.30 Finally both me and the cat got some supper! Mine was better than his – I’ll tell ya!


24.00 Blurry eyes. Good night. A fun but crazy day!