Seminyak – Bali part 1 – surf, corner house & the beach

2 weeks in Bali! It was amazing but slow internet and too much fun things to do I ended up back home with about 1000 photos. Let us start watching them – ok?

These first images – you know the feeling after more than 15 hours on the plane (Bali truly is the other side of the world) and then sweaty and tired, feeling awkward putting on your bikini after spending some months fully dressed again. And then sea and beach & Friday evening. Pretty nice.

First night you always have to just sleep. Judging and thinking too much you have to postpone for a day or two. When I travel I can easily go into some kind of – Who am I, what are I’m doing here, what do I want from life, is this good enough, maybe I should have booked another hotel, maybe we should have stayed home, maybe we’re going to come home with a bug ans so on and on. Nothing really a couple of nights good sleep will cure.

Great strange fruit. This one looks like dragon poo. It was really tasty and is called Snake Fruit – Salak! Antoher day at the hotel we got a round little green fruit. I didn’t know what it was so I stood over the zink with a spoon trying to open it. I was at it for a long time suddenly realizing it was a normal mandarin. So much for that little fruit adventure.

The day after it was my husbands birthday. We got some tips about Corner House in Seminyak, pretty close to where our hotel was. It was a good thing I booked since we were the only guests to begin with. Apparently the Mount Agung – Bali’s big Vulcano has the last month been going close to an eruption so it was about 80 000 less tourists there at the time. But when we arrived to the island the eruption threat went down and the locals living close to the volcano could go back to their homes after being evacuated for about month.

But looki looki some more guests came after us. It is a pretty cool place. Very nice interior and great food. The place would be amazing if there was more crowd.

Birthday boy and daddy’s girl <3 both a bit jet lagged.

The way to the toilets!

And yes. Inside of the rest rooms. I don’t know if I should laugh with the fact that every where you go in the world you still love the feeling of kind of new york subway tiles and French Bistro á  la Schillers. (that is now closed after 14 years in Lower Est side!!) 

Great looking bar!

And Beppe found the camera and caught us with it.

This happens about once every two years – that me and Erik are in the same photo. So that’s why I give you 3 of them.

You see me posing, you see me loving…

The backyard with painted walls and a typical little house temple. There are temples EVERYWHERE in Bali. 97% of the population are Hindu’s.

The second day we took some surf lessons. 15 Dollares for a private tutor for 2 hours! Amazing and so much fun.

Della & I actually did pretty good for our second time. Last year we tried it in La. Now I’m hooked!

We started with 2 night at Hotel Anantara in Seminyak. It was clean, right on the beach but pretty formal. I’m not usually into resort hotels like this. But we had one of the pools right outside our room. Down there in the corner. And it was a good easy start with jet lag and all.

This was the view when laying in the pool floating on my back watching the stars!

And everywhere you looked there was almost always one wall of green – like a live palm leaf wallpaper!

Before going we had heard so many different things about this island. Some said it was the worst place ever and some loved it. I never experienced this before – people having such strong opinions about a place. That made me kind of super attentive to things around me. But I also really tried not to have too many expectations before going there. Now afterwords I think I get it a little bit.  I think its a place good to do alot of research about. There isn’t really many places to just walk to. You need a vespa or a taxi. And it will be a very different experience in to which area you go to. Lika kuta beach I think is aweful. So touristy and tacky. Seminyak beach a little bit more north kuta, is a bit more upscale but still full of hotels and such. Not really my place either. Further north on the beach is Canggu. Where the young surfer hipsters hangs out. More laid back and cool. But maybe way to cool. Well there is a place that suits different people in different ways.

After a couple of days we really got into it and started to find stuff hidden a bit under the surface. Cool things! tell you more about it soon!