Thinking about space and the future and going a bit nuts. Podcast tips.

Casual Friday at work. Our studio mates got some dress samples from India but I could only see Handmaids Tale in them. So I made us some hats to go with the dresses.

When I think about space I feel like I’m becoming a bit insane. It is too vast to grasp. But today I went running and listened to Radiolabs podcast about space or actually about the Voyager 1 that was sent out into space 40 years ago with a record with things to listen about from earth. Like hello in different languages, Mozart and other stuff. And love letters. So that maybe in some other galaxy billions of years away ” someone out there” might listen (do you hear the x-files theme song in your head right now?). They also talk about how this space-pod went out our solar system or did it? Very interesting but also very beautiful. you’ve got to listen to it – right here.

A couple of weeks ago I lost my baseball cap. And managed to score a new one, exactly the same via internet. 4 days later I got a packet at my door with a new one. First I was happy but then it made me think. I ordered it in Swedish via what I thought was a Swedish company. But it happened to come all the way from Switzerland. Shoebox size. That flew to Sweden and then got delivered to my door by car. Just imagine how bad this is for the environment. When everyone buys stuff and the transport goes from each and everyone with single items. I mean if you go to a store. Maybe you walk there or take the subway, bike or even going to a mall with a car ending up buying multiple things. The transport for all those things and later to go to your home is less than sending small things all around the world.  And the internet business is thriving for some.
I listened to this podcast about brown boxes and what happens if you buy on the net and who are fixing those packages for you. Of course there are smaller firm that packs by themselves and think about the environment but still. Think about what and from where and who you are buying from and listen to this podcast.


And the world right now that is a bit crazy. Sometimes it feels like The Handmaids Tale could be reality if people choose poorly in future elections and so on. That’s what makes the series so good ans also so scary.
Like yesterday in Sweden we had Nazis marching the streets? I can’t believe it. How is it even possible? Exactly the same thing I feel every time I see Trumps face and all things he says and tweets. (This was fun from Amsterdam – #jumpontrump via MyFunnyEye)