Premiär för MAXAT my new TV-show

Finally! The new tv-show is up and running! Currently you can watch two different machines that we’ve build. The thing is we made 10 machines – ten full episodes. But we also made 70 small 7 minutes episodes!

Every Monday the 7 small/shorter episodes are released on SVT Play and then on Sunday evenings at 18.30 the full hour length show is shown on Barnkanalen! Got it?

Our first episode is called Helt Väckt! It’s a machine that will help you get out of bed. The second one is SKIT I DET DU! A machine that helps you flush the toilet.


We will also make machines that will help you knock on the door when it’s Halloween, a machine that BBq’s hot dogs, another one that helps us fall off a skateboard (cause I’m a pro normally I NEVER fall off hehe), and one that helps us decorate for x-mas, another that helps us with party outfits and one that blows out the candles on a cake! and many more!

Well I do hope you all want to watch!